Whipped Cream Cake

Basic to Advance Cake Making and Decorating Workshop

A completely hands-on experience to make you independent for making your own cake! 100% Eggless cake (Veg. Recipe), Egg recipe will be provided, on request!


What will you learn?

  • ​Doll cake 

  • Tiger Print Cake 

  • Photo Cake 

  • Drip Cake 

  • Rasmalai Cake ( Most trending cake ) 

  • 2 Tier Wedding Cake 

  • Marble effect mirror glaze Cake 

  • Dome Shaped Cake 


One Day Course

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Professional Cookies & Biscuits Baking

A completely hands-on experience to make you independent for baking cookies on your own! 100% Eggless Recipes!


What will you learn?



  • Naankhatai

  • Butter cookies

  • Shewberry

  • Choco-chips cookies

  • Coconut cookies

  • Badam Pista biscuits

  • Oats & cranberry cookies

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One Day Course


Classic Bread

Baking Bread on your own at home can be incredibly rewarding. After attending our wonderful bread class, you will know the secret behind baking the perfect loaf. A completely hands-on experience to make you independent for Baking Breads!

What will you learn?


  • ​White Sandwich bread

  • Brown bread

  • Garlic bread 

  • Pizza bread

  • Basil Pesto Rolls

  • Masala Pav

  • Sweet Buns

  • Pav

  • Burger Buns

One Day Course

Fondant Cake

Cake Decoration with Fondant

Upgrade your Baking Skills!!!

Make theme cakes and learn cake decorations with Fondant to make customized cakes for your loved ones. 
Choose any design on your choice and re-create the same during the class.


Someone who do not have any knowledge of baking can do this course successfully and do cake decorations on their own.




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One Day Course

Choclate Truffle

Handcrafted Chocolates 

Learn different trending Handcrafted designer chocolates with a complete hands-on experience while learning!

What will you learn?


  • Ferrero Rocher 

  • Butterscotch crunchy

  •  Almond rocks 

  • Bounty

  • Fruit & Nut

  • Cadbury

  • Irish coffee 

  • Caramel

  • Bubble-gum

  • Pan delights

  • Marble chocolate 

  •  After 8 - mint chocolate

One Day Course

Fondant Cake

Advanced Fondant - Cake Decoration

Learn to make amazing designs in cakes with the help of fondant. One can create any design or shape of his/her choice.

Do check our page 'Cakes made by Chef' and get a glimpse of what does advance fondant decoration mean. 


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One Day Course